James T. Saltouros
Jim is the founder and Co-Artistic Director of Emergent Theatre Company, along with being the President of the Board. He is a graduate of Loyola University and has been acting in films, television and stage for over twenty years. Emergent is a labor of love that Jim is proud to have seen come to fruition. 


Mark G. Argianas
A graduate of Depaul University, Mr. Argianas is the president of the accounting firm of Argianas Accounting. A CPA with extensive accounting experience, Mr. Argianas is the Treasurer of the Emergent Theatre Company.


Claude E. Binder
Currently the Director of Production at the Joffrey Ballet, Mr. Binder is the former Executive Director of the Chicago’ Children’'s Theatre, as well as the former General Manager of the Steppenwolf Theatre. His many years of involvement in the theatre make him an invaluable asset to our Board and we are thrilled to have him.


Robert Costanzo
Bobby is the Co-Artistic Director of Emergent Theatre Company, as well as being a member of our Board. Having been working professionally in television and films for over forty years, he has appeared in over one hundred films and TV shows and brings a knowledge and understanding of the art of acting that few people possess. Emergent is proud and honored to have him with us.


Gabriel J. DeMatteo
A graduate of Bradley University, as well as the John Marshall Law School, Mr. DeMatteo is the owner and sole practitioner of the general litigation firm of the Law Offices of Gabriel J. DeMatteo. Mr. DeMatteo is the Secretary of the Emergent Theatre Company.


Joseph A. Leonardi
A graduate of the John Marshall Law School, Mr. Leonardi has been a practicing attorney in the state of Illinois for over twenty-five years. Specializing in contract and entertainment law, he owns and runs the Law Offices of Joseph A. Leonardi.


Stephanie Saltouros
A graduate of the University of Missouri –- Columbia, as well as the John Marshall Law School, Mrs. Saltouros is the sole practitioner of the Law Offices of Stephanie Saltouros. A former Cook County Assistant State's Attorney, Mrs. Saltouros’' specialty is in criminal law.


James T. Saltouros - Producer, Company Actor


Lauren Angel-Nichols- Production Manager,  Sets, Costumes, Graphics


Marlana May Carlson- Stage Manager








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